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Welcome! We are so glad you are here! As a mom of four young kids, I realized one day that my oldest was about to turn nine and other than his baby book, I had not written down much about his childhood. THEN, I realized my three, almost four year old didn't even have a baby book started!! Do you feel me??

It was with this realization (and mostly guilt) that I decided to design a way for us busy moms to easily document special moments. (Without the hassle of an every day requirement, a completely blank journal, or a nagging app!)

Each New Step prompts you to write just a handful of times each year throughout your child's life from birth to age eighteen. By the time they graduate you will have the most precious gift to pass on to them, to then share with their future family.

Our goal is to make every mom's job just a tiny bit easier by lightening this certain load! We appreciate you visiting our shop today and want to give you 20% off your first regular price Each New Step purchase with code: THANKYOU

Please feel free to click the little question bubble if you have any questions and we'll get back to you ASAP!

Thank you from our family to yours! xoxo


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