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Not Your Typical Journal

The "Each New Step" Memory Book is not just a Childhood Journal or Notebook! Ditch the mom guilt and easily leave your child with the most precious gift: Their Childhood Memories! Get yours today!

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Here's What's Inside!

  • Firsts

    A simple section to easily record special memories and thoughts from the first year!

    Prompt Example: "The Story Of Your Name"

  • Birthdays

    Watch your child's interests change as you jot down fun memories from 1st-18th Birthdays!

    Prompt Example: "Your Birthday Cake and Theme"

  • Funnies

    Never forget the hilarious things your child says by quickly writing it down in the Funnies Section!

    Prompt Example: "What You Said"

  • School Days

    Interviews for each Back to School Day from Preschool to 12th Grade. A Spot for School Picture too!

    Prompt Example: "What You Hope To Accomplish This Year"

  • Holidays

    A non-specific Holiday Section to record special Holiday moments, plus room for a Love Letter each Valentines Day!

    Prompt Example: "Letters of Love to You on Valentines Day"

  • Memories

    A section for Proud Moments, Accomplishments and Things to Never Forget. End with a Letter To Your Grown Child

    Prompt Example: "Why I Never Want To Forget This Moment"

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