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Grow Moments into Memories

Not Your Typical Journal

The "Each New Step" Memory Book is not just a Childhood Journal or Notebook! Ditch the mom guilt and easily leave your child with the most precious gift: Their Childhood Memories! Get yours today!

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Here's What's Inside!

  • Firsts

    A simple section to easily record special memories and thoughts from the first year!

    Prompt Example: "The Story Of Your Name"

  • Birthdays

    Watch your child's interests change as you jot down fun memories from 1st-18th Birthdays!

    Prompt Example: "Your Birthday Cake and Theme"

  • Funnies

    Never forget the hilarious things your child says by quickly writing it down in the Funnies Section!

    Prompt Example: "What You Said"

  • School Days

    Interviews for each Back to School Day from Preschool to 12th Grade. A Spot for School Picture too!

    Prompt Example: "What You Hope To Accomplish This Year"

  • Holidays

    A non-specific Holiday Section to record special Holiday moments, plus room for a Love Letter each Valentines Day!

    Prompt Example: "Letters of Love to You on Valentines Day"

  • Memories

    A section for Proud Moments, Accomplishments and Things to Never Forget. End with a Letter To Your Grown Child

    Prompt Example: "Why I Never Want To Forget This Moment"

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Customers Speak For Us!

"Each New Step" is amazing! The quality is absolutely top notch! The paper is thick and feels really durable, it is incredibly beautiful. This journal will be such a treasure for every child when they graduate High School."

-Lisa Wells